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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Seithe by Poppet

This book wrapped itself around me and assaulted my senses like rich dark chocolate and wine! It took me through a sultry journey of dark pleasures and hidden knowledge, through moments of insecurity and uncertainty. The thing I love the most about Poppet's books are the fact that I never can tell where they will take me and I very much feel like I am riding a roller coaster in the dark, they always deliver the ultimate rush for those willing to brave the ride.
Be prepared for surprising twists and turns from an author whos writing is unique and refreshing. Dark an compelling, her work always leaves me breathless.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Perfect Union by Trina Lane

Calleigh Wells has spent the last three years rebuilding her life after being notified of her husband's death in Iraq. On that darkest day she met Rick Conner and Conor McGuire. Since then the three have become inseperable. Both men have become surrogate father's to Calleigh's twin boys. Lately Calleigh's dreams have been filled with images of sweat slicked skin and twisting limbs. Of Three. Unbeknownest to her Rick and Conor have also hungered to take their friendship to the next level. What will happen when all is revealed?

There was a very enjoyable dynamic to this book and it achieved everything it was meant to achieve. The title fits the story line perfectly as the book conveys every womans fantasy romance. For something this sweet I would change my lifestyle choices too.
Ive always known Irishmen were sexy but this book takes that to a whole new level. *Running off to search for my own sexy Irishmen*

In the mean time for your reading pleasure, a red hot excerpt straight from Trina Lane's Website

Rick knew there was fire in her. It just needed the right kind of spark to ignite. He looked at Conor and saw him nod. He turned Calleigh's head toward him. His hand tunneled in the silky mass of her honey blond hair. Her amber brown eyes darkened as he leaned his head forward. He touched their lips together for the first time. They tasted vaguely of cherry as he flicked his tongue out to taste the soft pillows. Her mouth opened and he slipped inside. Moaning at his first real taste of Calleigh.
Her mouth was sweet and welcoming. He turned his head to get a better angle, and sealed them together tighter. His mouth moved on hers in a slow rhythm. Her tongue came out to play with his. Slipping into his mouth as his retreated from hers. He was hard and aching. His hand moved lower to caress her breast only to find Conor's already there. He pulled back and looked into her passion dazed eyes. Conor's hand cupped her cheek and turned her head toward him.
He watched their lips meet and fuse. Their mouths were moving together in perfect synchronicity. Rick cupped her breast in his hand and molded the full mound. Her nipple was erect and stabbing his palm. He slid his other hand up underneath the hem of her dress. Touching and caressing the soft skin of her inner thigh. Her legs opened a little and he angled his fingers up to touch the edge of her panties. Skimming the fabric, but not reaching underneath. Little moans and cries were being swallowed by Conor's mouth as he continued to lick and devour Calleigh's plush lips.
It always made him hot to see Conor pleasuring the woman they'd chosen to bring home, but knowing that this was Calleigh. Their Calleigh. Made the experience ten times more erotic. Conor loved to kiss. It was one of his favorite things to do to a woman. He would kiss them all over for hours, while he was more of a touch person. He loved the feel of a woman between them. Touching her skin and slipping his fingers inside her body. His cock inside the snug wet heat of a pussy or hot velvet clasp of an ass could melt his brains with pleasure. Add Conor into the mix filling the woman's mouth or other available opening and the melt actually exploded. Hearing the screams of her pleasure echo in the room, feeling the rake of her nails down his back was the best feeling in the world. They would have that with Calleigh and they would have that soon.

Darkroom by Poppet

I do not know where to begin with this review! The opening scenes are visceral and they sucked me right in to that very dark room. Everytime the camera flashed in the inky black of the room I could almost feel the panic and overwhelming sensations that Shauna endured. This is not a feel good book in any way shape or form. This book is about the human psyche and the societal barriers that can be destroyed through abuse and brainwashing. I recommend Darkroom and Clawback also by Poppet as informative reading to all women. Poppet has scary insights into the female mind and the scary scary places we can be led.
Pure psychological horror in its rawest form Darkroom is intense and heavy reading that left me absolutely breathless, and because I have very Noir tendancies I loved every word of it.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Goddess with a Blade by Lauren Dane

Lauren Dane has very quickly snuck her way into my retinue of favourite favourite authors this last week. but when I read Goddess with a Blade last night the deal was sealed. Lauren Dane is now a firm favourite and I am quite looking forward to wading through all the books of hers I have yet to read.

The one thing I adore most in a book is a strong female character. Especially one that can kick ass and dole out major attitude at the same time. Rowan has all that and more in spades and I can honestly say that she has become my new all time favourite female literary hero (Yay Acheron finally has a worthy equal)
I honestly do not know where to begin in explaining how much I enjoyed this book because I am still in that zone where I am wallowing in wonderful book afterglow where I just want to gush about all the awesome final scenes that I loved so much and would just be too spoilerish for public consumption. So I will just leave off with this: If you love paranormal romance with very hot an steamy scenes, liberal amounts of yummy sexual tension, kickass characters with just a hint of vulnerability peeking through then you will love this book as much as I did.
I am going to go the unusual route of adding the prologue that never made the final cut of the book. Snagged from Lauren Danes site here

Rhythmic, Rowan’s hand smoothed the stone over the edge of the sword. Over and over. The sound slithered down her spine, gathered in her teeth. The scent of the oil she’d use when done wafted up from the soft cloth on the table nearby.
Out the window the lights of the Strip illuminated the velvet dark, but not the souls of those who wandered the streets in a happy haze. Then again, she wasn’t in the soul saving business.
Satisfied when she dropped a strand of hair over the sword edge and it sliced effortlessly, she oiled the blade and sheathed it carefully.
She laced her boots and stood. In an economic motion, she grabbed the blade and sheath and strapped them to her back. The rig was custom made and fit her perfectly. It sat against her spine, unobtrusive enough that most people didn’t see it as she made her way through the city. If they saw it, it was usually too late for them anyway.
What most people did see was a redhead who stood at just six feet. Wary brown eyes and a hard set mouth. They definitely saw her body. Tall and battle hard, her frame attracted many an eye to the voluptuous curves and the long-as-sin legs. She wasn’t beautiful. Not by general standards. Her features weren’t perfect or symmetrical and freckles scattered over her cheeks and the bridge of her nose. But there was something magnetic about her just the same. Something that made people look twice and want to know her.
Rowan knew it was the blood in her veins. Blood not only running in her maternal line. Blood descended from the Celtic triple goddess Brigid, whose sacred tree was the inspiration for Rowan’s name. The goddess who manifested herself through Rowan’s body and soul. But also her father’s blood. It made her minor royalty and connected her to the Vampire Nation tracing back thousands of years. Blood that made her intelligent, calculating, and cruel when she needed to be. And bent on revenge.
She turned to look in the mirror. The skirt was damned short but would serve as a fine distraction. The wristbands she wore stored garrote wire. Her belt had small phials of holy water. Most importantly, her blade was created on a sacred forge with blessed steel and bore the holy cross along its edge. Her blade was made to kill Vampires. Just like she was.
It was time to hunt.