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Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Perfect Union by Trina Lane

Calleigh Wells has spent the last three years rebuilding her life after being notified of her husband's death in Iraq. On that darkest day she met Rick Conner and Conor McGuire. Since then the three have become inseperable. Both men have become surrogate father's to Calleigh's twin boys. Lately Calleigh's dreams have been filled with images of sweat slicked skin and twisting limbs. Of Three. Unbeknownest to her Rick and Conor have also hungered to take their friendship to the next level. What will happen when all is revealed?

There was a very enjoyable dynamic to this book and it achieved everything it was meant to achieve. The title fits the story line perfectly as the book conveys every womans fantasy romance. For something this sweet I would change my lifestyle choices too.
Ive always known Irishmen were sexy but this book takes that to a whole new level. *Running off to search for my own sexy Irishmen*

In the mean time for your reading pleasure, a red hot excerpt straight from Trina Lane's Website

Rick knew there was fire in her. It just needed the right kind of spark to ignite. He looked at Conor and saw him nod. He turned Calleigh's head toward him. His hand tunneled in the silky mass of her honey blond hair. Her amber brown eyes darkened as he leaned his head forward. He touched their lips together for the first time. They tasted vaguely of cherry as he flicked his tongue out to taste the soft pillows. Her mouth opened and he slipped inside. Moaning at his first real taste of Calleigh.
Her mouth was sweet and welcoming. He turned his head to get a better angle, and sealed them together tighter. His mouth moved on hers in a slow rhythm. Her tongue came out to play with his. Slipping into his mouth as his retreated from hers. He was hard and aching. His hand moved lower to caress her breast only to find Conor's already there. He pulled back and looked into her passion dazed eyes. Conor's hand cupped her cheek and turned her head toward him.
He watched their lips meet and fuse. Their mouths were moving together in perfect synchronicity. Rick cupped her breast in his hand and molded the full mound. Her nipple was erect and stabbing his palm. He slid his other hand up underneath the hem of her dress. Touching and caressing the soft skin of her inner thigh. Her legs opened a little and he angled his fingers up to touch the edge of her panties. Skimming the fabric, but not reaching underneath. Little moans and cries were being swallowed by Conor's mouth as he continued to lick and devour Calleigh's plush lips.
It always made him hot to see Conor pleasuring the woman they'd chosen to bring home, but knowing that this was Calleigh. Their Calleigh. Made the experience ten times more erotic. Conor loved to kiss. It was one of his favorite things to do to a woman. He would kiss them all over for hours, while he was more of a touch person. He loved the feel of a woman between them. Touching her skin and slipping his fingers inside her body. His cock inside the snug wet heat of a pussy or hot velvet clasp of an ass could melt his brains with pleasure. Add Conor into the mix filling the woman's mouth or other available opening and the melt actually exploded. Hearing the screams of her pleasure echo in the room, feeling the rake of her nails down his back was the best feeling in the world. They would have that with Calleigh and they would have that soon.


Trina Lane said...

Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed Rick, Conor, Calleigh, Mikey, and Brandon's story. Good luck finding your sexy Irishman!! :)

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