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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Deadly Obsession by Katie Reus

Ten years ago, Lilly Carmichael left town without an explanation, breaking Braden Donnelly's heart. The death of her aunt has brought Lilly home-and face-to-face with memories she thought were long buried. Still getting over a traumatic incident from her work as an NSA agent, Lilly initially dismisses the face at her window as a figment of stress-induced paranoia.
Now the sheriff of Hudson Bay, Braden has spent the past year hunting a sadistic murderer. His investigation is turned upside down when new evidence indicates that Lilly is the killer's next target. Determined to protect the woman he's never stopped loving, Braden must race against the clock to trap a dangerous psychopath-before it's too late...

Lilly has suffered from PTSD since surviving an incident so traumatic she questions her own sanity. As the only survivor that was forced to watch and endure the torture and death of her fellow prisoners as well as enduring severe torture of her own she also suffers from severe survivors guilt.

Katie Reus manages to weave these very intense situations and the emotions that inevitably follow into a gripping tale of romance and suspense. I found myself caring for Lilly and Braden a great deal. They each had their own heart break and tragedy to overcome as well as the rekindling of their love for each other.

Be prepared for a massive twist in the tail and a revelation so unexpected it left me gasping and Lilly and Bradon fighting for their lives. I would most definitely seek out more Katie Reus novels in the future.


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